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Suri Cruise Has been CUT OFF by her Mom (how rude)

By Priya Kumar  As her mom instigated the break-up heard around the world, Suri Cruise went out for ice cream. She was wearing a precious floral bubble dress reminiscent of Prada's Fall 2007 Collection. According to sources close to the Holmes camp, feast your eyes on her designer duds for the last time because her extravagant wardrobe options will be no more. Now that Katie has left Tom, she has decided to revamp Suri's image by taking her from the spoiled brat the tabloids have made her out to be (check out,, to turning her into a normal kid. Suri is said to have a wardrobe worth around $3 million, and is a favorite among top luxury children's lines including Burberry, Gucci and Stella McCartney. As of last week, Katie has requested Suri be removed from designers' celebrity freebee lists and has also "put out the word in LA to stop any mini me diva products being sent her way," says a source. Apparently to those closest to Katie, it was Tom who liked to indulge Suri and would let her wear whatever she liked. Now that Suri is about to begin school, it looks like her high heels will be traded in for a pair of oxford flats, and all those Suri parody blogs will have less material to use as fodder. I'm sure she'll agree with us when we say it was fun while it lasted! Not to worry celebufiles-- she'll be back with her first single in about five years time.

Suri loves her some taffeta

I own the same dress from Topshop
No look is complete without some sparkly lipgloss

Totes adorbz

Hanging with her besties

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