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Super-Storm Sandy

Toronto has weathered Super-storm Sandy. Although the damage that the storm has left behind may not be as severe as New York, it has still left tens of thousands without power and claimed one life. Trees, buildings and general infrastructure were severely damaged throughout the duration of the storm. As a result, 7.4 million people across the US Eastern Seaboard and Southern Ontario, woke up this morning without power in their homes, mostly in New York, New Jersey and tens of thousands in Ontario. The storm that hit New Jersey with 80-100 mph winds yesterday evening, has taken 17 lives in 7 states in the US. At home in Toronto, the storm reached the winds of 65 mph and in some places up to 100 mph. Sandy has caused one death; a women was struck by a falling business sign last night in Toronto at St. Clair and Keele Street, while over 55,000 people were without power this morning – in Toronto alone, 15,000 flights have been cancelled along the east coast, TTC routes have been cancelled along with some school in Ontario and Quebec. Now that the worse is over, it is time to come together and help clean up our city and help out those who were hit the hardest.

New York city subway station caught this on their surveillance camera

New York after Hurricane Sandy (October 29th 2012)

The after math of Hurricane Sandy (October 2012)


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