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Stylish Monkey Loose at IKEA’s Toronto Parking Lot

On Sunday afternoon IKEA shoppers encountered a monkey wearing a faux shearling coat and diaper, running around the parking lot. Bronwyn Page, executive producer of CBC, saw a crowd gathered around of what she though was a kid’s toy but as she approached, she realized it was a 7 month old monkey: “It was running around and screaming”. The animal seemed scared and agitated according to other shoppers. Security called police and later Animal Services arrived. They identified the monkey as a rhesus macaque, an Asian monkey that is prohibited as a house pet in Ontario. The owners were charged with caring for a prohibited animal but dismissed for the charge of owning a pet monkey, which is illegal in Toronto. Owners signed over the monkey to Animal Services and it will be transferred to an animal sanctuary, no doubt without its fashionable outfit.  

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