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South Asian Fashion Overdose

By: Sufia Imam This summer, India has been enjoying back-to-back fashion weeks starting with Bangalore Fashion week (July 26-29), continued with Mumbai’s Lakme Fashion week (August 3-7), and finally concluding with Delhi’s Couture week. Although it may appear that such an abundance of fashion weeks over the span of a few months are a positive sign for India’s homegrown designers, many of them confess that their attentions are prioritized elsewhere. Designer Manish Arora withdrew from India’s fashion weeks for 3 years before showcasing his work this year. Manish is discontented by India’s fashion industry, arguing that the business has to mature and be taken seriously instead of being considered as an extension of the entertainment industry. Similarly, designer Gaurav Gupta admits that regional fashion weeks in India are not on his priority list. He believes that fashion designers should be invested only to one big national event like other countries. He says: “Couture and pret fashion weeks happen everywhere internationally. However I don’t believe in any regional fashion weeks as I feel they are marketing efforts by various brands. We already have Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week by the official body FDCI, and we should stop doing the other fashion weeks. I feel that the designers should do the necessary shows that make sense for their business.” In contrast, Delhi based designer Payal Kapoor contends that having many regional fashion weeks provides buyers more options. Whatever the situation, India’s fashion industry should take a step back for a second and reconsider what can be done to provide Indian fashion designers more media coverage and recognition for their art, which is often lost due to the busy lineups of fashion events.  

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