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Armani Social Media Madness

By:Emily Durham The Governors Awards, hosted last Monday, was the source of serious online upheaval thanks to a mislabeled Instagram caption posted by Armani. The picture of the black actress, Alfre Woodard, was incorrectly noted as Idris Elba, a black (and male!) actor. The painfully obvious mistake did not take kindly to their instagram followers as many were sensitive to not only the confusion of two black celebrities, but also to the "confusion" of their genders. Not long after Armani posted (and then rapidly deleted) the infamous picture, Instagramers of the world united by trending #armanicaptions. This (horribly hilarious) trend was used on pictures of celebrities being "mislabeled" as other celebrities. Some of the most popular being, Beyonce being labeled as Drake, Barrack Obama as Will Smith and Lil Kim doubling for Tiger Woods. As much as the internet world ( and we) laughed over the social media madness of Armani's mistake...the angry response, for many, was no laughing matter. We can understand why people do not condone Armani's careless typo, but the poor and unsuspecting intern or student, who likely posted it, certainly would not have anticipated such a viral response.
We are wondering if social media users have overreacted to what may have been an honest mistake but nonetheless...we are sure that Armani will perfect their proofreading skills to avoid another internet attack.

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