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Sephora’s Beauty Board: Pinterest 2.0?

Almost every user of Pinterest has probably run into the same problem: finding something they absolutely adore but haven't the slightest idea of where to purchase it. Well, Sephora is just the remedy (for beauty products, anyway). The renowned makeup and beauty retailer has finally launched their much anticipated social platform which is called "Beauty Board". It allows users to browse a gallery of user-generated photos -- such as a makeup look or a hairstyle -- which can be tagged with the products they used to create that look. Users who view it can click and easily buy that product at the same time. What makes Sephora's Beauty Board different from online shopping for any other beauty brand is that they encourage users to upload their own photos. Many online shoppers most likely share the same fear of wondering if the product really does look like the professional picture. The Beauty Board helps many of us trust a product more when we see a fellow user post about it. Beauty Board also allows for likes and comments, which makes the website more interactive -- especially for users who may be unsure of a product at first. Bridget Dolan, vice president of interactive media at Sephora, says that the retailer's main objective is "engaging our clients to create and post looks, and even more than that, [for users] to be inspired by it, to view it, and use that as a means to click through to that product page.” The hopeful platform is accessible through all Sephora digital channels including its desktop site, mobile site, iPhone apps, and Android apps.

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