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Modi’s #SelfieWithDaughter Campaign

In a recent talk show, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about his latest campaign #SelfieWithDaughter in an effort to address the country's skewed sex selection ratio. Modi urged parents to post pictures with their daughters on social media using the chosen hashtag and he would retweet ones with the most inspiring captions. Modi hopes the pictures will boost a national campaign to combat female feticide. The idea was originally introduced by village head, Sunil Jaglan, in Haryana, a state in Northern India with one of the worst disparities in numbers of boys versus girls. When Jaglan's daughter was born, he distributed sweets to his co-workers, classmates, and friends - an incredibly odd gesture in a place where sweets are only distributed if a son is born. Even the nurses refused his tip because a son is worth a lot more than a daughter. His efforts have shown results. Last month, Jaglan initiated the "Selfie With Daughter" contest in his village. In a recent report, for every 1000 boys up to 6 years old, there are 914 girls in the country. Since the Prime Minister's announcement last week, thousands of Indians have flooded social media with pictures of themselves with their daughters. Celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar, Parthiv Patel, and Shikhar Dhawan have also joined this campaign, as well as people in countries as far flung as Sweden have shown their support.




SHE Canada is all about empowering girls, and hopes the #SelfieWithDaughter campaign will show that girls are just as special as boys and help stop female feticide.  

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