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Secrets to Getting Foundation out of your Clothes


Getting foundation on your clothes is perhaps one of the most irritating things to happen! You're getting ready and accidentally get foundation on your favourite shirt or sweater. What do you do now?

Here are three DIY ways to tackle getting foundation out of your clothes!

Shaving Cream 

Yes thats right, shaving cream can help you get foundation stains from your clothes! Just apply a a layer of foam shaving cream over the stain and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Next use a clean soft cloth to firmly mix into the stained fibres. If the stain is really stubborn, you can add rubbing alcohol on top of the shaving cream! Wash and rinse the area with warm water. Dab the area with a clean dry towel, then put the piece of clothing in the laundry machine!

Dishwasher Soap

If you don't have any foam shaving cream at home, you can also use dishwasher detergent! First you need to dampen the area, do not soak it. Pour a few drops of the liquid dish soap and let it sit there for a few minutes. make sure to use dishwasher soap, not dishwasher detergent as it is too harsh and might actually damage the fibres. Make sure to rub it in with a damp cloth, rinse with warm water and wash in the washer as you regularly would!


Salt & Soda Water 

This works well if you happen to get foundation on your clothing while you're out. Simply cover the area with a thick layer of salt and pour some soda water on top. Now let it sit for about an hour. Then remove the excess water and salt and as soon as you get home make sure to put it in the washer and wash as you regularly would!

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