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Sajan Choksi launches luxury menswear label JAAN CHOXI

The MasterCard Fashion Week Fall 2015 was the launch pad for the new luxury menswear label JAAN CHOXI, the brain child of Canadian entrepreneur Sajan Choksi. The Techie-designer found his calling in fashion, and specifically in tailored-luxe menswear suits. Choksi’s experiences from travelling around the world, exploring Toronto and the styles that the city fuses together all served as inspiration for his debut line presented at Fashion Week on March 27th, 2015. Inspired by the 70’s glam-rock era, models walked down the ramp in sharp suiting, ultra-modern and suave styles ranging from full suits to leather overcoats. The highlight of the collection was the play of luminous textures, rock star leathers, rich furs and bold cuts. The pieces left a lasting impression on front row guests and continued to resonate with the fashion-twitterati. The designer’s South Asian culture reflects in the coining of the label’s name “JAAN CHOXI,” which means wearer’s love for life (“Jaan” in Hindi refers to life, and “Sajan” means lover). The designer says he wants to promote the celebration of the human spirit and happiness that comes from experiencing large and small joys as a Torontonian. Choksi plans to take the e-commerce route with JAAN CHOXI as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar format while incorporating his IT background and knowledge into fashion. He believes that modern day customers’ needs and aspirations are ever-changing. He aspires to adorn his clients in nothing but pure luxury and crafted suiting, delivered at the click of a mouse. With a noteworthy start, JAAN CHOXI’s further foray into fashion is much awaited!

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