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Sacrificing Life for Fashion

By: Myrtle Jurado Although Giorgio Armani has been a prominent name in fashion for the past 30 years, his success has apparently been the result of many sacrifices he's had to make. You would think that being super talented (not to mention super rich and famous) would warrant you the freedom to live your life any way you please; not in Armani's case. In fact, the answer to his success is actually a bit depressing. "Life, I have sacrificed life. The life of a young man when I first started and the life of a grown man at the age I am now," he admits. "It is even more so now. Even harder, which is very sad because life is all about friendships, discovering people's personalities, falling in love, not just once or twice, but often. In a word, life. To live in the world. For example, I don't know Milan. People tell me of Milan [He has lived in Milan since 1957]." His introverted approach to fashion sets him apart from other fashion designers, where each runway show is more extravagant than the last. Armani hires models that aren't as well known, and keeps runway shows very simple and minimalistic. "During a fashion show, I want the clothes to speak. The effort I put into my work must be respected," explains Armani. "Far from the catwalks, however, it is personality that must come to the fore, as well as the capacity to interpret a dress - a brain is more important than a body." (Quote via Vogue UK) Armani's passion for his work is extraordinary, despite his reclusive nature, though he believes that his success comes from sheer luck. It's very humbling to know that even as one of the biggest names in fashion, his modesty has not yet been lost.  

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