Rape Outrage Continues in India

Hundreds gathered in New Delhi on Sunday to express outrage at the way law enforcement handled a case of sexual assault. This time the victim was a 5 year old girl, now in stable condition at a hospital. A 22 -year-old man is in police custody under the suspicion that he brutalized the young girl for 40 hours in a rented room in New Delhi. This is just one of numerous high-profile rape cases to come out of India in recent months. Protestors are calling for immediate changes to India's outdated, misogynistic sexual assault laws, calling specific attention to how cases are investigated. Further outrage was sparked after the father of the 5- year-old victim, who went missing on Monday was offered "hush money" by police, according to the Washington Post . The numbers present a shocking reality, India's gang rape problem made international headlines, but further studies suggest that the numbers of child rape cases are just as troubling. Between 2001 and 2011 reported cases if child rape rose by a shocking 336 percent. Worse yet, this figure may represent just a fraction of the cases, since the country's record keeping is questionable. As protests mount and people continue to voice their anger, the hope is that enlightenment and change will follow.

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