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Ralph Lauren Restoring Arts School In Paris

Arts School in Paris being restored this year by Ralph Lauren   By Jennifer Naraine   Billionaire Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren is known for many things—his understated runway designs, a booming fragrance line and of course, the iconic polo logo stamped in his equally iconic crisp collared shirts.Lauren's role as as a Fashion Icon is unparalleled but recently, the designer has developed interest restoration—building restoration, that is.


  His first funding project is directed to the "Ecole Nationale superieure des Beaux – Arts” in the Saint-Germain district in Paris. The 17th century school is known for fundamentally bringing fashion luminaries such as Valentino and Givenchy as well as painters Matisse and Monet into the forefront. An appreciation dinner and courtyard show are scheduled on October 8 of this year—before work gets underway. Guests of the dinner may not have the privilege of witnessing the fully restored edifice but the giant icarus wings that look down from the first floor balcony (which was incidentally also from Givenchy's 1997 show is an interesting welcome into this inspirational building.  



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