Rahul Mishra Wins International Woolmark Prize Regional Final

By Roxanne Bildan Young Indian Fashion designer, Rahul Mishra wins the regional award for the International Woolmark Prize. Mishra is well known for working with the Indian craft community through sustainable design interventions as well as his contribution to Indian hand looms. If you look back on his remarkable success over the past six years, it is no surprise that Mishra was chosen in the India-Middle East regional round for the reputable International Woolmark Prize. Even French-style guru, Didier Grumbach described him as a “talent to watch out for.” At an event in Delhi on July 25, the Acting Australian High Commissioner to India, Bernard Philip, honoured Mishra with his award and said, “The strong showing of Indian designers represented in the International Woolmark Prize regional finals is a testament to the creativity and professionalism of the next generation of the Indian fashion industry.” The garment that charmed the distinguished jury was a jacket dress that represented the lotus as a metaphor for the “journey of the human metamorphosis of our planet.” The designer reveals that, “It is a kind of progressive graphic hand embroidery that I used on Merino wool.Simple eight-petal lotus motifs morph into a complex visual language. Pristine white yarn is the perfect foil to the intricate patterns. The India-Middle East region covers India, the UAE, Pakistan and Lebanon. Four other designers from China, Australia, Europe and the U.S. will compete in the finale that will be held during the Milan Fashion Week in February 2014.”  It was not only the creativity of the jacket that dress that stood, but its individuality and originality. Mishra won a cash prize of AUD 50,000 including the honour to create a collection for the competition's finale at  Milan Fashion Week in February 2014—a showcase that allows the winner to take home a prize of AUD 100, 000. Furthermore, it will give the winner the opportunity to commercialize their business through a set of international retail partners. Initiated many years ago, the International Woolmark Prize is a fashion design award that recognizes  young talent and their capability of emphasizing the modernity of Merino wool through their collections. The Australian Wool Industry has funded many designer support programs dating back to the 1950s. It was at the 1954 awards that two, then unknown designers won the award for dress design—their names were Karl Lagerfield, 21, and Yves Saint Laurent, 18.  

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