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Pushed on the Subway Track, This Man is a Photo Opp.

By Summun Jafri 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han of Queens, New York was tragically and fatally struck by a subway train in New York City on Monday. The suspect, who has been taken into custody by New York police, supposedly got into an argument with Mr. Han at the station before pushing him over the platform. So many people have been shaken by this story primarily because there is a picture of Han just moments before he was struck by the subway train. The New York Post published a photograph taken by R. Umar Abbasi of Han with him watching the oncoming subway train while trying to climb off the tracks on Tuesday’s front page. Abbasi claims that the reason he took the photo was to try and alert the driver with his flash. "If I could have, I would have pulled Mr. Han out. I didn't care about the photographs." While his actions of taking and selling the photos are not considered appropriate, he is also not the hero in this situation; a coward and hero both have the same fears, but a hero is willing to face them. There were plenty of other people standing about 100-150 feet away from where the mishap took place that did nothing to help.  This whole situation brings civilian apathy into question, not unlike the case in China with the two year old girl being struck by a car and not a single passer-by stopping to help.

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