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Pretty Little Liars: A Fashion Breakdown

Written By: Anoja Muthucumaru Pretty Little Liars is back with season three, and the girls of Rosewood have not disappointed.  The pretty little liars start their senior year after a summer without -A tailing them. But, when they return to start their senior year -A returns as well. Behind the lying, secrets, screaming, cell phones, asylums, jail cells and dead bodies there is also fresh and fun fashion.  Fashion is the main identifier that showcases the differences between the friends. This season the cast is playing with fun summer trends. The past seasons showed four close friends tied together by secrets and this season it seems like the girls are up to their old tricks again, SHE hopes to decode them, at least when it comes to fashion. ARIA Aria has a more edgy and experimental style. You can commonly see her wearing fringe, lace-up boots, and prints
    EMILY Emily pulls off a more athletic and casual look. Short shorts, skinny jeans, tank tops and runners.

 HANNA Hanna style is ultra colorful and supper feminine. High heels, maxi dresses, and fitted tops.

SPENCER Spencer rocks the preppy look. Collared shirts, sweaters and loafers nicely sums up her look.

This season the characters also incorporated trends like color blocking, and vibrant colours. They styled up their looks with accessories like belts, embellished earrings, and dangly necklace ranging from a tribal theme to rock and roll.

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