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SHE Picks: Environmental Indulgences


April is Earth Month and, despite the leaps we’ve taken in environmentalism since the inaugural Earth Day in 1970, it still seems you can still never do right by the environment. Everything you do has an impact and striking it even with all the pollution checks and balances seems near impossible. Every guilty pleasure is affecting the climate, starting with the clothes on your back. We've rounded up our favourite ways to do good by the Earth.

Recycle fashionably with H&M

Fast fashion, while keeping you fashionable and safely within your budget, is taking a toll. With landfills filling up as you empty out your wardrobe at the end of the season, we need a quick and effective solution. And while H&M and their counterparts are often criticized for contributing to the problem, from April 18-24 they are spearheading a solution. H&M are encouraging customers to bring in any unwanted clothes for recycling, accepting everything from odd socks to stained suits. By repurposing a single T-shirt you can save 2,100 litres of water. Considering H&M collected thousands of tonnes of clothing last year, this initiative can save innumerable resources as well as valuable space in our landfills. Once donated, your clothing will be brought to a processing plant to be sorted. If it is deemed in good condition, it will be donated to second hand stores. Anything unwearable will be broken down and made into cleaning cloths or even insulation and cushions for car seats. Some pieces are even lucky enough to be broken down and reconstituted into yarn and string, giving your well loved garments a second life. Even collecting the dust released into the air during processing, H&M is able to repurpose 99% of everything donated, with the remaining 1% turned into energy. It’s a win-win, really. The dusty clothes in the back of your closet get new life and you get a clean closet and a discount on your next H&M purchase.

Apple does green, sort of

devices-story-fw A similar culprit to fast fashion, tech is also notorious for encouraging you to chuck your functional phone for the latest model. While we don’t see Apple staving off this sales technique any time soon (considering they are rumoured to begin releasing two new iPhone models a year starting in 2016) they are working to counterbalance their bad habits. Similar to their 2014 initiative Apps for (RED), their Apps for the World movement is working to raise awareness for the WWF and their core values (conservation of forests, fresh water, oceans, wildlife and food, as well as climate change). 100% of the proceeds from the 27 participating apps (including games like Kendall & Kylie and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes as well as environmentally educational applications like the Earth) will be donated to the WWF, including both App Store purchases and any in-game purchases made before the end of the campaign on April 24.

Order in some Pizza Pizza

While Apple’s earth day efforts don’t solve the problems of waste in the tech industry, oddly enough Pizza Pizza’s do. Throughout the entire month of April, the Canadian pizza parlour is bringing back their annual Slices for Devices event for its 13th year. In collaboration with the Electronic Products Recycling Association, Pizza Pizza is dishing out portions in exchange for old electronic devices. Once surrendered, old cell phones, mp3 players, and digital cameras will be recycled through the EPRA and any proceeds made from the recycling of devices will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network, giving you twice the karma and one more slice of pizza than your average charitable act.

Help a beluga with Kiehl's

creamy_avocado kiehls With so many initiatives looking out for humans and our fellow land-dwellers, it’s important not to forget about our fellow earthlings in the ocean. We’ve already warned you about the dangers microbeads are posing to our fish friends, but endangered sea species need a bit more help than just the eradication of certain beauty products. That is the impetus behind the Kiehl’s Gives campaign. Each year the brand symbolically adopts a threatened animal species in collaboration with the Canadian Wildlife Federation. This year, the focus is on the beluga whale in hopes of raising money for the conservation of Canadian coastlines and response to marine animal emergencies through the sale of their special edition Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. To achieve these goals, 100% of the proceeds up to $10,000 will be donated to the CWF’s Canadian Marine Animal Response Alliance. Another bonus to buying the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado this month is the limited edition packaging, which is even more charming than the usual apothecary-inspired Kiehl’s pots, featuring a beluga illustration by Canadian artist Olivia Mew.

Last stop, Aveda for WaterAid

Aveda WaterAid Lastly, while you’re out doing your charity work at Kiehl’s and Pizza Pizza, you can do even more good with a stop at Aveda. On April 25, the salon will be donating 100% percent of the proceeds from any regular service at any Aveda salon in the country. Their charity of choice: WaterAid, a charity that strives to help the 1/3 of the world’s population that does not have access to adequate sanitation and the 650 million people with no access to clean drinking water. If you’re due for a haircut (or a new eye cream, a mobile distraction, a few new items for your wardrobe, or are just craving pizza), indulge before the month is over to do your part painlessly. By Lindsay Cooper Banner Image courtesy Petr Broz

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