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Pakistani Film “Lamha” Turns Heads

By: Sufia Imam Pakistani film Lamha (Seedlings) proudly took home two awards last Friday night at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCFF.)  Lamha won the People’s Choice Award for Best Feature Film and Aamina Sheikh won the award for Best Actress Leading Role. These awards were celebrated at the late night gala that took place in the Angelika Film Center in New York City.  Lamha was nominated for 5 additional categories, including: Best Actor in Leading Role (Mohib Mirza,) Best Actor in Supporting Role (Goahr Rasheed,) Best Score, Best Original Screenplay (Summer Nick,) and Best Director (Mansoor Majahid.) Furthermore, the film was nominated for Best Feature Film award, an achievement in itself even though they did not win.   While Pakistan is rarely found in the global spotlight for film, art, and cultre, Lamha proves that Pakistan has something more to offer. It is without a doubt that audience members of the film festival took their vote that night and retired home with a certain Pakistani masterpeice in their hearts and minds.  

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