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Pakistani Author’s Novel Adapted Into Bollywood Film

Pakistani author, Saba Imtiaz, who wrote Karachi You’re Killing Me, will have her novel turned into a film. The movie titled ‘Noor’ stars Indian actress Sonakshi Sinha. The film follows a 20-something-year-old journalist named Noor Roy Chaudhary and her misadventures and love life as she navigates through the busy city of Mumbi. The book was also about a coming-of-age story about a young journalist named Ayesha Khan who was living in Karachi.

The movie setting had to be changed from Karachi to Mumbai. The book influenced the idea for the movie, but there will be many changes, as is with any film adaptation. The characters are all changed to fit into Mumbai and an Indian setting based on the decision made by the director.

The movie is set to release on April 21.

By Rhea Braganza

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