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Pack Light, Shop Heavy

By: Myrtle Jurado Whether you're going away for 2 days or 22 days, it really doesn't matter. It seems as though it's our job as women to ensure that our entire closet is packed away in our suitcase. But let's get real here, who really wants to be lugging around that much cargo when you're supposed to be relaxing? And be honest, how much more stressful (or annoying) is it when, at the end of your trip, you have to pack away all of the clothes you brought AND the clothes you (undoubtedly) purchased while on vacation? Here's how to pack light and still have enough outfits to carry you through your entire trip. Bring Staple Wardrobe Pieces! One of each of these, please: plain t-shirt, blazer, skirt, shorts, pants, and a dress. Just think of all the combinations you can create with just those 6 items (I can think of 8, how about you?), and you'd save so much space! If you're going away for longer, bring more than one top, and you'll add even more outfit choices. As for the shoes? Simple. One pair of flip-flops or sandals, and a pair of pumps. Bonus points if your sandals are both casual and dressy. Roll, Don't Fold Your Clothes. The most common way people pack is by folding their clothes into neat little squares to fit perfectly into their suitcases. I picked up this trick while going away for a business trip a couple of years ago, and trust me, I've been doing it ever since. I roll all of my clothes and squeeze them into my suitcase. This also works well if you plan on bringing just a duffel bag. It leaves me a lot of room for my toiletries and shoes. Purchase Travel-Size Toiletries They sell travel-size toiletries at major stores like Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. Why go through all the trouble of packing your extra-large and extra-heavy shampoo/conditioner duo in your bag when you can have a mini version of it for an equally miniature price? Your arms will thank you for decreasing some of the weight in your bag.. until, that is, you stuff it with your newly purchased items!   Wherever you end up this Canada Day long weekend, we hope you have an amazing time -- and don't forget sunscreen!  

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