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Obama Re-elected!

By Summun Jafri Last night Barack Obama was victorious in his battle for re-election as the President of the United States. In the competition for electoral votes, Obama beat out Mitt Romney 303 to 206. The popular votes, however, were a much closer call, as Obama only slightly surpassed Romney’s 48 percent by 50 percent. Both candidates represented very different visions in this election. While Obama is seen as a major influence in the lives of many American families, Romney is seen more as an advocate for private businesses and corporate America. Romney ended up dominating a lot of the Southern states, while Obama won most of the North East Coast and California, where his key minority group voters reside. That being said, we think this tweet Jeanne Becker sent out last night is very reflective of how the election went down last night. “Ironic they call it UNITED States of America. Nothing "united" about it these days!...” Regardless of the results, it was great to see so many Canadians get enthusiastic about politics and the power of voting.  Over social media, many Canadians were urging their American family and friends to make the right voting decision, as their votes no doubt impact not only America, but also the world. By the way, how great did Michelle look last night? She wore Michael Kors.

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