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NYC Explosion Leaves City In State of Shock


During a busy commute this morning, Manhattan residents were suddenly evacuated from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Police began telling people to run out of the terminal because of an explosion that went off underground. There are several people that were injured, but no one was killed. The 27-year-old from Brooklyn, Akayed Yula, is being held in custody after a failed suicide attempt. The suspect walked underground into the New York subway with a homemade pipe bomb and wires attached to his body, which partially went off and sooner than intended.

Suspect of the NYC bomb attack- Akayed Ulah. Photo courtesy of New York Post.

Commuters were panicking and trying to evacuate the building as soon as possible. The suspect told authorities that he made the bomb at an electrical company that he worked for. However, no motive behind the attack has been reported thus far. Ulah suffered the most harmful injuries and is currently at Bellevu Hospital.

New York Transit Authorities have shut down parts of the transit system for further investigation, but it should be running back to normal by the end of the day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who experienced what could have been a catastrophic attack.

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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