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New York Fashion Week 2013, The Show Must Go On…

By Ekta Mukhi Despite the crazy weather, with Nemo finding its way to New York and all, the show must go on! Beautiful clothes have the capacity to make people forget about everything, and enter into a world of their own. As they say Fashion can withstand almost anything. Here's our take on the shows of Designers: Diane Von Furstenberg, The Row, Thom Browne and Tina Trunk. Diane Von Furstenberg makes a comeback at this year’s New York Fashion Week. This designer who first came to the fashion industry in the 1970’s decided to revisit and revive 1970’s glamour in 2013 style. Her inspiration, as she said, was Glam Rock, “because who doesn’t want to be glam and who doesn’t want to be rock?” This is DVF’s very own self-inspired collection. She makes use of a variety of fabrics, from soft fabrics like chiffon to velvet and leather creating a vast multitude of looks that anyone can perfectly fit in their closet for any occasion. Her wrap dresses, animal prints, metallic jackets and maxis with bell sleeves are without a doubt going to be spotted in the next few months. As Furstenberg says, “The idea is not that it is clothes for a party, but it’s clothes. It’s a life party”. Diane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekDiane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekDiane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekDiane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week After being named 2012’s top women’s wear designers, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were all set to introduce their much-anticipated fall 2013 collection for their clothing line ‘The Row’. The show was set in a luxurious townhouse on the Upper East Side with their collection mirroring the sophistication and elegance of the rooms. The simplicity of the garments illustrated comfort and style at the same time. I can’t say much for others, but this collection accurately characterizes the wardrobe of the world’s 0.1%. Pure class… 004row-640x420021020015008007 After creating First Lady Michelle Obama’s look at the inauguration with the stylishly classy coat, all eyes were set on designer Thom Browne at this year’s fashion week. He was prepared with his women’s wear collection inspired by “strong women, strong shoulders, strong hips”. The show changed the entire tone for this year’s Fashion Week, as designer Browne took an unusual route to present his artistic compilations of the strong woman. I say artistic because from the scene, to the show, to models and colors, he told us a story; set in the forest on a winter night, as blindfolded male models with their hands and feet tied in blood red strips of fabric lay on metal beds alongside the catwalk. This virtually brings to mind a ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ experience, but on close attention I realize that the blindfolded men represent the abundant power of women in today’s world. Displaying black, gray, red and white in the most fashionable way, it was his first seated runway show. This was certainly the showstopper of the week, it’s Browne’s occasion to rise. Aptly put by Michael Hainely “Thom stands apart. He’s always stood apart.’ He is a game-changer, Mr. Hainey added, a designer whose aesthetic, like those of Coco Chanel or Alexander McQueen, is skewed so singularly that it takes some time for a viewer’s eye to adjust.” 628x471 Thom+Browne+Fall+2013+Sv2w7Ly62gql tb3 tb1 tb6 Thom-Browne-Runway-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013-Photos tb4 Thom+Browne+Fall+2013+952sSg0Pfsel This may be the season of comebacks at the NYFW 2013. Tina Trunk makes a return this season, exhibiting her full-winter collection “California Modern”. The show was held at the Lincoln Center. Trunk showed off columned dresses, double-lapel overcoats, and stovepipe trousers sprinkled with bold colors, certainly creating a dramatic look. Trunk surpassed expectations by refining California style, as she said “our theme is California modern, so we wanted to take a more rich and sophisticated approach to present California.” Here are some of her looks: tt1 tt2 tt3 tt4 tt5    

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