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New Jewellery Ad Breaks Indian Marriage Stereotypes

by: Maria Pospelova Tanishq is arguably one of the most popular jewellery designers in India, whose designs sets it apart from the competition. Tanishq has a reputation for its fine craftsmanship, and currently operates over 150 retail spots spreaded across 86 Indian cities. In the past Tanishq participated in eye-catching promotional campaigns. One of them saw the brand collaborate with Abbas-Mustan’s Bollywood action thriller, Race 2. Beautiful female leads were spotted wearing Tanishq’s pieces throughout the movie; however, this year’s bridal campaign has caused a record amount of discussion. In the new video campaign, created by Lowe Lintas, the character is an elegant bride-to-be who is in the process of ceremony preparation. While watching the campaign, one can easily recognize that it is possibly not the first marriage for the bride, as the young girl playing the daughter appears in the picture. Due to high regard of traditions and customs in India, divorcing and remarrying is a highly controversial topic, and such acts are frowned upon. Tanishq’s ad that publicly recognizes such an event is helping to break stereotypes and goes beyond established advertising boundaries. “Since the designs are the new age, we decided to go with more contemporary trends. And that is why we decided to show the concept of remarriage and how society has opened up to it.”-, shared the National Creative Director of Lowe Lintas, Arun Iyer. Observing the positive response received from the users of social media platforms, it seems that the public has embraced the concept. To view the ad, as well as to get a quick peek of Tanishq’s new collection, enjoy the video below.

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