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Nelly’s Upcoming Concert in Saudi Arabia Excludes Women


A supposed "cultural unifying" concert by American hip-hop artist Nelly and Algerian singer Cheb Khaled set next month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has ironically imposed unhappy reactions after the event has been announced to be limited to men only.

Women in Saudi Arabia have expressed their negative views on this matter through social media, questioning their exclusion from the concert. Reasons behind the decision are obscure but as some have speculated that it is because of the rapper's notable singles that entail drinking and "taking clothes off" that may potentially arouse the crowd.

Official promotion poster by MBC Action. Image courtesy of MBC Action.

Saudi Arabia has been known to restrict large concerts due to its strict laws on alcohol ban, modest clothing, and gender segregation.

How do you feel about this emerging issue?

By: Franz Tabora

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