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Need a DIY Idea? SHE has one for you!

  The SHE Canada team is in love with the DIY trend that is all the rage with fashion bloggers these days, and our resident blogger SaimaStyle has a great DIY project for you just in time for the weekend! Here she is Hi All! I'm so excited to share my new DIY project with the SHE readers, I really hope you find it fun and useful! I want to show you how you can turn a fairly plain/boring item in your wardrobe into a unique, customized, conversation piece at the party, street-cred earning, pride and joy of your closet type thing. For today, I am going to show you how to jazz up a denim vest, which I bought from Tribal  Rhythm for $25 (a vintage store in a basement on Queen St, Toronto, Canada) Materials needed:  - Scissors - Laundry facility - Studs (from sewing supply store, I paid $8 for 24, but you can get them cheaper on ebay I hear) - Denim vest ($25) Here is what the vest looked like when in its original state:
Step 1:  FRAY Ends: Cut along the border you want frayed, in this case I am only fraying the sleeves - cut a thin strip
this is what the ends look like after cutting
Step 2: Throw the item in the wash to get the frayed look
Ta da!
Step 3: Time to put the studs in- there were many shapes and sizes, but I decided to go with the bigger square studs (also bigger studs are easier to put in)
Close up: notice spikes on the back, which are inserted directly into material and then folded over
 Step 4: Insert Studs; you just push the studs in and fold the spikes over in the back (warning do not get a fresh manicure when doing this, it will get ruined)
fuzzy pic of what the stud looks like in the back
Step 5: Pick a stud pattern you like and continue studding. (I googled this pattern) Here is one side done!

And the other side- Ta da! (Keep in mind it will not be a perfectly lined pattern, but I kinda like the messy look anyway which works for this item)

I didn't realize just how easy studding would be, and if placed strategically, they can really add interest into your clothes. Before:                                                                                          After:
So what did you think? Do you like the before or after?  And good luck studding! 😉
By: SaimaStyle 

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