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Activist Nabeel Rajab Receives Special Pardon

If you happened to have picked up SHE Canada's April/May 2015 print issue, you would have read our coverage on Bahraini human rights activist,  Nabeel Rajab. In April 2015, Rajab sent out a series of tweets condemning the treatment of prisoners held in Bahrain's notorious Jaw Prison. Rajab has previously commented on the government's policies and behaviour on Twitter, but shortly after these particular posts, police arrested him for his public remarks. Rajab was sentenced to six months in prison, while an appeal court upheld this decision in May 2015. nabeel 2 However, in a new turn of events, Rajab has recently been given a special pardon by the government. This move has surprised thousands who have been closely following this story. On July 14 2015, the local government announced their decision and said that this pardon was issued due to "health reasons." At the time of the pardon, Rajab had already served three months of his jail sentence. As of July 14, no further information about Rajab's state of health has been released, but for now Rajab's supporters are celebrating the victory of the famed and outspoken activist. We are glad to see #FreedomOfSpeech restored!  

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