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Mulberry collaborates with Cara Delevingne

Picture courtesy of Mulberry  Mulberry collaborates with Cara Delevingne  By Fandah Kalboneh Cara Delevingne has recently turned 22 and already conquers the fashion industry by every movement she makes. Mulberry flourishes a line of the It-Brit leather handbags particularly for women since 1971. The luxurious brand had a Spring Summer 2014 campaign shoot with Cara Delevingne. During the shoot, the Mulberry staff recognized that Delevingne showed an obsessive enthusiasm in designing handbags. Delevingne was invited to the Mulberry headquarters in London later on and a new collaboration was discovered. Delevingne supervised an entire satchel collection with her own unique touches. Her intention was to have a "beautifully practical" handbag with design elements that expresses herself. mulberry campaign 2Picture courtesy of Mulberry  On September 2014, Mulberry will launch the new Cara Delevingne Collection with a relationship of her confidence, charm and creativity with a twist of her quirkiness. According to sources, one of the reasons why she specifically collaborated with Mulberry was because Mulberry was the first designer handbag she ever had. Delevingne quotes, “At school my friends had handbags and all those kinds of stuff and I have always used a kind of a sac. It had holes in it. It was never good. It was never practical. When I got my first Mulberry handbag it worked, but I needed more ‘practicalness’ because, you know, people now don’t just do one thing. You have so many interests and hobbies and different things going on in your life…your bag has to match that! Has to match your lifestyle. So it was trying to kind of find how many things we could do to make that bag practical.” Delevingne visited the first reveal of the new look of the Mulberry handbags she designed. She said she was “blown away” with the new upcoming collection. The fashion industry has always set their eyes on the desirable Delevigne. Looking over the movie industry, rumours indicate that she might be the next Bond girl. The 007 movie will be released on October 2015. Cara Delevinge is too good for anything. Have your eyes on the Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection at:  

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