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Modern Day Cinderella

By: Myrtle Jurado They're here! They're here! Remember back in April when Christian Louboutin announced that he would be collaborating with Disney to remake Cinderella's famous glass slippers? Well, you can stop holding your breath for the design now. They released photos of the "glass slippers" yesterday, and the first thing you might notice is that.. they're not actually made of glass. Other than being totally impractical, glass shoes would just be a walking hazard (pun intended). All jokes aside, the shoes are beautiful. The exquisite lace is adorned with Swarovski crystals meeting at the toes to form an extraordinary butterfly. We're not sure if these will be available for purchase, but we're hoping they will be! I mean, who wouldn't want to feel like a Disney princess?

Photo: Walt Disney Company via WWD


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