Mila Kunis Fashion for Oz the Great and Powerful

Mila Kunis has emerged the undeniable showstopper on every stop of the Oz The Great and Powerful world premiere tour. Kunis (29), who is on the covers of Marie Claire and Allure Magazine this month, has been shocking everyone with her choice of outfits for the premiers. Showing up yesterday to the premier in London wearing an Alexander McQueen grey gown made with princess ruffles, An Atelier Versace gown for her Russian premier in a sultry floor- length fitted purple dress, and we can't forget about her Dolce and Gabbana creamy shell color with a half chiffon flown half gown for her Hollywood premier, looking gorgeous at all times even without beau Ashton Kutcher by her side. During her interview with Marie Claire she confessed that three films a year are too many and would like to explore another areas of the film industry because she also wants to settle down and have a place to call home. mila kunis alexanderOz The Great And Powerful - Moscow Premierearticle-2285983-18550D91000005DC-416_306x715     mila kunis marie clairemila kunis allure

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