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Maybelline Makeup Artist sits down with She Magazine before Holt Renfrew Fashion Show

At World Mastercard Fashion Week yesterday we were able to sit down with the Maybelline makeup artist Grace Lee before having to get her models ready for the Holt Renfrew at 7PM. She gave some background information on the show, telling us how it was going to be different this year and how they have decided to showcase what is on the rack right now. She goes on to explain how it is more fun because you can actually sit and watch the show and shop at the same time. She called the show the “Holt Renfrew IT Girl” and because of the theme of the show, the makeup artist applied the makeup the same way. There was nothing over the top. The brows were done to be a good solid brow, with cat eye mascara, and a mix of wearable everyday eye shadow in colours such as nutmeg and taupe, with a bit of brown gel liner and a little bit of white in the eye to give it that open look with a contour of dark powder - to finish off the look of the eyes. For skin it was the “fit me foundation” to give it a nice dewy glow. The overall face make up was simple and sure to give it the translucent look. This look was given to all the models for the show. She explains how nothing is over the top and the models have simple makeup and that is everyday wearable. The Holt Renfrew show wanted to give viewers the whole package – hair, makeup and clothing – a done deal and available for everyone. The overall theme of the show was for the holiday collection, but it was also all about the styling of the garments and pieces, Lee explains.

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