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Mary-Kate and Ashley launch a whole line of $55,000 prescription pill backpacks

By: Parveen Singh The Olsens are creating quite the stir with their controversial new backpack collection. After, the success of their bestselling $39,000 alligator bag, they are all set to launch a new collection of luxury backpacks on Dec. 12. The backpacks are in collaboration with artist, Damien Hirst for their label, The Row. And even though, they are made from black patent Nile crocodile leather, that isn’t what has everyone talking. Certain bags in the collection are covered with prescription pills of various size, shape and colour and although there are polka-dot versions as well, many believe they may be glorifying drug use. Online fashion retailer, Just One Eye, the company selling these backpacks describes the collection as “blurring the line between high art and high fashion.” There will be 12 limited edition backpacks released and part of the proceeds will go to UNICEF.

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