Marc Jacobs delivers the last day of fashion week with a standing ovation

Although his show was scheduled on Monday and pushed to Thursday because of Nemo, I guess we can call it destiny. His show left a spectacular ending to fashion week. "It's a sepia world, no filter necessary. Y'all in for a treat tonight," he tweeted ahead of the show, which actually started in a sepia color room which made you feel as if you were in a black and white movie, according to Jacobs so that people would focus on the details of the clothing, later on lighting up the room with a fake sun and models wearing silk and plenty of fur. Some of the models even wore fur with little animal heads which I’m sure PETA did not appreciate. Models wearing short and mermaid like shiny dresses with different shades of red and two of the biggest trends this season black and fur dominated the runway. Marc Jacobs also included high waited trousers, high boots and big buckled belts to his collection that awed the crowd which included Miley Cyrus and Christina Ricci giving him a standing ovation. marc jacobs 2 marc jacobs 4 marc jacobs 3

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