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Malala Yousafzai to Speak at Oslo Education Summit

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize, is now going to be urging world leaders at the Oslo Education Summit to invest $39 billion annually in Education, making sure every child has access to 12 years of free, quality education. Last year, Malala spoke of putting an end to wasted potential and empty classrooms, and is planning to follow up on that by making sure no one is denied an education. In May 2015, ministers from over 100 countries signed the Incheon Declaration in Korea, committing to provide free primary, and secondary education to all children by 2030. "The poorest girls get just three years of schooling because of a lack of will and vision by our governments. This is unacceptable. Leaders of the 21st century must deliver on their promises to invest in the future and start investing in books, education, and hope, rather than [in] weapons, war, and conflicts" said Malala. A paper published for the Oslo Education Summit calls on governments to increase the size of their often-low education budgets. The universal fee-free education will cost $340 billion per year through 2030, and will require low and lower-middle income countries to commit at least 20% of their national budgets to education, the current average being 15%. Malala believes only education will unlock the potential of millions of young girls and boys all over the world and if they are given the opportunity to access quality education, they can be the next great scientists, engineers, and teachers of their generation. "Our leaders must have the same level of ambition for all children as they have for their children, no matter where they live," Malala went on to say. Malala and her father have also founded a non profit, The Malala Fund, which aims that every child receive free, quality education for 12 years, and empowers young girls to receive further education.

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