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Makeup Vending Machine Takes Over New York

By: Emily Durham The only thing worse realizing that you forgot your lunch while on your commute is realizing that you forgot your eyeliner, and now, mere minutes before an important meeting, you don't look so hot. But next time you forget your makeup bag at home, have no fear!  L’Oreal’s recently launched “beauty vending machines” that will help you perk up your look. On Monday November 4th, Canadian model Coco Rocha, cut the ribbon to mark the opening of this personalized beauty experience at 42nd Street/Bryant Park Subway station in New York. 42nd Street/Bryant was selected for the launch because of it close proximity to Fifth Avenue…the mother of all shopping streets. The “Intelligent Colour Experience” is an interactive beauty vending machine. Customers stand in front of a life size mirror and digital images of suggested products appear on a touch screen and warn you if what you are about to purchase will “match” or “clash” with what you are wearing! L’Oreal plans to expand these beauty booths across multiple New York subway stations. We hope that Toronto is next on the launch list because we’ve all been through a long day of chapped lips and barely-there lashes. Coco Rocha is the first to try the new L'Oréal Paris Intelligent Color Experience in the New York City Bryant Park Subway Station

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