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Make-up at the gym means fewer calories burned!

By: Zahra Syed With summer quickly approaching, contrary to Canadian weather, the determination for people to head to the gym and workout is increasing. However, inside any typical gym bag, would you expect to find lipstick and mascara? A recent survey asked approximately 1907 women if they wore make-up while working out. About 26% of women responded saying yes. For some women make-up is a part of their daily routine and it is understandable that they would never leave the house without something on. But, the most popular reason for wearing make-up to the gym was that many of these women did not feel comfortable working out without looking beautified with the help of their cosmetics. Using make-up as a self confidence boost while working out, only limits your actual ability to burn calories. This is because you don’t end up pushing yourself to break into a healthy sweat, since you are too concerned about your make-up being spoiled and running down your face. It also isn’t healthy for women to wear make-up over their skin when working out because you end up blocking your pores, which can lead to major breakouts! Of course small things like tinted lip balm or moisturizer are fine, but a full face of photo ready make-up does not make the cut. F228B0DA-88C8-4FEE-BB61-C92FDF16A296 There is no point in heading to the gym covered in make-up if you aren't going to push yourself to work hard. Chances are if you are looking to attract someone from the opposite sex at the gym, they are more interested in how hard you are working, rather than how flawless your face looks.

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