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Madonna Launches Hard Candy Fitness Club In Toronto

"Harder is Better," says the catchphrase of the newest and most talked about gym downtown Toronto. But this isn't just any gym. Last night, the red carpet was rolled out and ready to be walked on by the creator of Hard Candy Fitness Toronto, a new fitness club located downtown Toronto at 382 Yonge Street. The creator? Madonna. The fitness club is built and designed for people who want to work out and relax in luxury. The 42,000 square foot gym contains 19 foot floor-to-ceiling windows and this is all complimented with an all around rooftop terrace. The building includes a juice bar and a lounge area where drinks such as smoothies and espressos are provided. Singer and fitness enthusiast, Madonna, and her long-time personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, have opened only 8 locations around the world including Mexico City, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Santiago, St. Petersburg, and now in the city of Toronto. The club also includes certified personal trainers to ensure quality during a workout. Members have access to over 60 group fitness classes, in which Madonna has created exclusively for her club. But that's not enough for workout fiend Madonna, she has also ensured that members also have access to on-site massage therapists and nutritionists. Madonna is known for her dance moves so it was only fitting that she lead a dance class called "Addicted To Sweat" yesterday during her launch event of Hard Candy. 36 lucky people had the chance to dance with Madonna as they auditioned prior to the class. 'Addicted To Sweat' is said to blend the best of the dance and fitness worlds, combining elements of high-impact aerobics with choreography. “If dancing wasn’t a part of Hard Candy Fitness, I wouldn’t be here," Madonna says at the club's grand opening. “That’s what makes my gym different from everybody else’s.” er2bq26cvkIMG_8599 madonna-hard-candy-fitness-toronto-intro urbantoronto-9169-31605  

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