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MAC Collaborates with Chris Chang

By Lindsay Cooper Later this year, MAC will be releasing another one of their famous collaborations, this time with Shanghai-based fashion designer Chris Chang. Considering Chang’s fashion history (having created her own label, Poesia, and with a few collaborations with Prada under her belt), the kaleidoscopic designs presented on the collection’s compacts are right in line with Chang’s brand. Poesia was born when Chang had trouble finding couture clothing for her children but, after many demands, the vibrant, childish patterns and colours featured in her children’s designs later became a new line for women. The new MAC collaboration is a definite continuation of Poesia’s playful aesthetic, catching eyes with its bold colours, both on and in the iconic MAC packaging. On the outside, the new products feature imagery inspired by Kunqu (Chinese Opera) with a face of neon makeup replacing  the traditional black, white, and red. Inside, the bold parcels is a stock of brightly coloured lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes in intense pinks, yellows, blues, and purples. With the MAC x Selena collection said to be launching in the latter half of the year, it looks like this Chris Chang collaboration could be seen in stores as early as Spring or Summer 2016, though official announcements on the release date are yet to be made.

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