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Luxurious Honeymoon Destination

Luxurious Honeymoon Destination Written By: Anoja Muthucumaru It is hard to determine the most romantic places for love because there are many exotic and adventurous places to travel. So taking on the challenge, we found the top three ideal places for romance and love for honeymooners and couples alike. Sure you don’t need to travel to most the exotic places to celebrate love, but what about love screams practicality. Love is spontaneous, wild and filled with indulgence. Where else can we start then with Italy, it has solidified itself as a romantic capital of the world. It is the place to go for honeymooners who want to immerse themselves into indulgence and luxury. With one of the best shopping experiences, delectable cuisine, and striking beaches it is not hard to understand that Italy has been the destination for many lovers, for many years.  Italian cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Shakespeare’s own Verona, the home of one of the most famous romantic tragedies Romeo and Juliet are filled with rich histories. From early Renaissance art, to breath taking scenery, Florence encompass the relaxation and ambiance of romance. Il Salviatino hotel in Florence is highly recommended for couples craving luxury and culture. With beautiful gardens on a sloping hill overlooking Florence it will take your breath away owe. Florence is a stunning honeymoon setting for strolling leisurely through piazzas, cobbled alleys, and beautiful gardens. The Italian experience will take couples on a journey through the senses. Conveniently, Il Salviatino is only 20 minutes from Florence airport. It also has 45 individually decorated rooms that couples are sure to find their place. Suites are located either in the main villa or the beautiful gardens. The hotel overlooks some of the most exquisite landscapes. The honeymoon packages range in prices depending on room and travel season. Our second choice is the Caribbean, which has become the top destination for honeymooners for a few years running. When you think of the Caribbean what comes to mind are the picturesque images of beaches and the breath taking sunsets. The kaleidoscope of colours and the warm sun are elements that add to romance. Caribbean cuisine, nightlife, clubs, and vibrant landscapes will keep couples busy embarking in adventure. Saint Lucia is volcanic island with many mountains with sublime views.  Jade Mountain hotel is found on a mountainside, with only 29 rooms. The intimate setting creates a romantic experience for all honeymooners.  The hotel has a full spa and pool that over looking the landscape. Couples will feel privacy and intimacy in this romantic and exotic setting.  An interesting fact about the hotel is that it is deliberately techno-free from television and radio use, but Internet access is allowed upon request. If couples are looking for privacy on their romantic adventure this is the place to be. The hotel has been reviewed as one of the top resorts in the Caribbean receiving many prestigious awards from travel magazines and praise from clients alike. The final choice is Bali, and this might catch you off guard, but trust us, it is becoming the place to go. Bali is the new and vibrate destination for couples seeks comfort and romance. The rich landscape and the tropical rainforest makes Bali the place to go for a change in scenery, comfort and relaxation. Recently Bali has been popularized by the book Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia authored by Elizabeth Gilbert, that has also been adapted into film in 2010, which stars actress Julia Roberts. Hotel Uma Ubud is the top resort in Bali. It is located in central Bali in the lush and exotic jungle. The hotel has a new modern looking interior to contrasted with its traditional architecture. It emphasises relaxation, which is exemplified in the daily yoga classes and spa treatments offered.  Balinese food and music is a staple of the nightlife. The hotel is 20-minute walk away from the centre of town, with a mix of both Bali and Western art and cafes. Couples are sure to find peace, relaxation, and romance. The hardest part about this vocation is leaving.
  Jade Mountain: Caribbean  http://sweetydesign.com/hotel-design/jade-mountain-hotel-%E2%80%93-luxury-in-the-caribbean Uma Ubud: Bali

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