Let’s Remember Her – Amy Winehouse

Remembering this Fashion Icon Jennifer Naraine


It’s about time we remember Amy Winehouse with an exhibition. Starting July 3rd-September 15th 2013, Jewish Museum, London will be saying homage to Winehouse by showcasing her life with an exhibit titled  “A Family Portrait”  which focuses on this Icon’s enduring relationship with Fashion and Family.   This premature death of Winehouse in 2011 had fashion houses in an uproar; Jean Paul Gaultier’s response to the criticism of Winehouse was “Amy Winehouse was stylish in the true sense of the word, she was distinctive.”   As this fashion icon had contributed her piece to the world of Fashion, she has left us all with the remembrance of her blonde streak in her statement beehive and quirky attitude that she shared with her fans.   There are certain things that are timeless about Amy Winehouse, and the display in the exhibition will show it all, specifically one of her cat dresses she wore from the video “Tears dry on their own” in 2007. This piece is followed by her statement Blue Luella Bartley dress, she wore to perform at Glastonbury in the U.K in 2008. Amy’s style was entrenched in her as she was greatly influenced by her grandparents (Cynthia and Alec), who were responsible for her very 1950s-inspired look, and of course it was a contribution to her beehive hair, prom style dress and tattoos. 20130702_113206-e1372845688922 winehouse-main_2609514a         “Mostly I have this dream to be very famous to work on stage. It’s a life- long ambition. I want people to hear my voice and just forget their troubles for five minutes.”

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