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Learning about Christine Valmy Skin Care and Esthetics


Interested in learning more about skin care and esthetics, well the Christine Valmy schools and products are where the knowhow is. The school is a combination of European Esthetics techniques, ancient medicinal herbs, Oriental treatments and chemistry. Products and salon services also offer long-term solutions for skin problems. Founder Christine Valmy, a pioneer in the field began the development of skin care products in 1944 in her native Romania. Upon moving to the United States, Valmy opened her first Esthetics school in 1965. As the years went by her company grew, and she opened schools in New York City and all around the world. In 1975, her daughter, Marina Valmy, created a laboratory for the development, testing and manufacturing of the company’s quality skin care products.

Christine Valmy

Valmy’s work and expertise is recognised around the world as she has earned the title of ‘First Lady of Esthetics”. The Christine Valmy products are designed to work with the body from the inside out to deeply nourish the skin with complex plant extracts vitamins, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and lipo –proteins. The best part is that the products are formulated with the finest ingredients, and are paraben-free, glycol-free sulfate-free, containing no artificial perfumes, and are not tested on animals.

The Christine Valmy International Schools’ mandate is to help students realise their full potential by providing hands-on training of natural skills, exposure to the best products and newest techniques and preparing their students for the beauty industry, and business world. The classes offered are in skin care, cosmetology, hairstyling, makeup, nail artistry, waxing, spa treatments, international certification and much more. Her brand is now represented around the world in 18 countries, which includes India.Chrisitne Valmy Education

In 1992, Marina Valmy became the Director of the Christine Valmy International School in New York. She is also the Executive Vice President of the Christine Valmy Inc. Christine Valmy passed away almost a month ago on January 18th 2015 in Bucharest. However, her teachings and legacy continue on with beautiful natural products, and schools in New York City.

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