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In Memory of Lady Diana: 15 Years On

By Priya Kumar Do you remember where you were exactly 15 years ago today? It was the evening of the horrific traffic accident that took the lives of Lady Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul. It was said that Paul was drunk at the wheel and lost control of the Mercedes-Benz W140 in the Pont d'Alma tunnel, resulting in the tragic deaths of all on board except Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones. I bet you do remember. I was 13 years old and out at Toronto's Harbourfront with my best friend and her family celebrating something that was obviously less significant than the death of this icon, because that for some reason is something that I cannot recall.

Lady Diana with William & Harry circa 1988

These fallen figures (Grace Kelly, JFK Jr. and Marilyn Monroe included) have captured the fascination of the public even decades after to their deaths. In 2007, Monaco's government put together a well curated exhibition of Grace Kelly's, well, stuff. Titled "From Movie Star to Princess," everything from childhood toys to journal musings to her Dior wedding gown were put on display. The exhibit received international accolades and was so well received, it's now touring the world.

Diana: Style Icon

Lady Diana, known as the the "People's Princess" too has remained equally relevant since her passing on August 31st, 1997. All the good she did, the beautiful clothes she wore and the protective mother she was are ingrained the the world's collective memories for all time.

Lady Diana in Pakistan

It is for this reason, SHE Canada decided to feature Lady Diana on our inaugural issue this September. We go in-depth to discover her final heartbreak prior her death, in addition to what made her the icon she is in the public's eye.  As opposed to mourning the life of the former Princess, we will be celebrating it. Join us! SHE Canada is available exclusively at Gateway Newsstands across the GTA starting September 3rd.

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