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Kiev Street Style From SHE’s Associate Editor

By: Liz Guber Funny story, while visiting my hometown of Kiev last week I was sitting on a slab of cold marble, awaiting my next street style victim.  A young man approached me to tell me that I shouldn't be sitting on a cold surface, as my reproductive system would freeze, rendering me unable to bear children. Although backwards in many ways, Kiev is very forward when in comes to fashion. These ladies know how to dress! While wandering the historic streets in and around the city's center, I got to observe regular women and their dressing habits. As this was a regular weekday most were going to work or shopping, but almost every girl I saw looked like she put thought and effort into her look. The temperamental weather, as well as that eastern European sensibility made for some interesting ensembles.

Synthetic dreadlocks on a patio in the city's Independence Square. This style of hair is a rarity in Kiev, however the modern sensibility is a sign of change for the city, in both in style and mentality.

I met this young woman while browsing the racks at Mango, I instantly noticed her Western style. Her choice of over sized blazer and loafers was refreshing to see among a sea of platform heels and tight leather jackets.

I fell in love with this girl's style! I spotted her as she was selling jewelry, and although she was very shy, I'm glad she let me take her picture so that others may admire her look!

I must say that unlike other places, where subjects for street style entries must be sought out, Kiev was crawling with stylish people. All too often, before I could even prepare my camera, the object of my interest was gone. A big thanks to all the girls that agreed to be photographed, and a special Ukrainian "Spasiba" to all who are reading this!

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