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KHOJ: Nurturing Contemporary Art in India

By: Sufia Imam In these modern times, India’s economy has soared to impressive heights due to its success in the information technology industry and international business. These pragmatic disciplines have provided many Indian citizens with financial security and the hope for a brighter future. As India continues to blossom in such practical matters as finance and economy, one wonders how crucial the study of self-expression and art is to this new India. I have asked myself this question before: how does contemporary art fit into contemporary India? Unfortunately, I have shamefully come to terms with the fact that I cannot name one Indian, let alone, one South Asian contemporary artist. By stumbling upon the website of KHOJ, I am relieved to realize that my previous lack of awareness on the subject was largely due to my own ignorance. For those of you who are not aware of KHOJ, let me provide you with a brief summary:

Photography by Avinash Veeraraghvan

KHOJ is an international artist association based in Delhi, India. It is a space for artists run by artists. A true haven of creative types; it provides workshops, residencies for visitors, exhibitions, and community art projects. KHOJ aims to inspire artists and encourages unconventional ideas and methods. For example, some of their featured artists have been known to combine other disciplines such as science, architecture and fashion into their art. Although KHOJ supports many Indian and South Asian artists, the organization also welcomes international artists to stay and exchange ideas with the locals. Unlike some other artistic circles, KHOJ is unpretentious and accepting. They especially support artists who come from small cities and marginalized areas. With this, KHOJ is not about high-society, KHOJ is about art, and as a result, this organization has churned out quite a few internationally acclaimed artists who are well worth the praise. KHOJ accepts submissions seasonally for annual events and exhibitions. If you are an artists or someone interested in art, you may visit the website for more information about events and opportunities:

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