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Karen Knorr’s India Song

Photographer Karen Knorr's latest body of work is centered around all things beautifully Indian. In celebration of a life-altering journey to Rajasthan, Knorr captured the spirit of the country, its mythology, fables and historic richness through a visual celebration that highlighted the country's relationship with the animal world. Using a large format camera, Knorr photographed historic sites, both sacred and secular. She then captured images of animals in the nation's zoos and sanctuaries. Knorr then lifted her animal subjects from their natural surroundings and placed them thoughtfully into the man-made interiors. The result is both sublime and spellbinding. Knorr's photography in India Song reinvents the Panchatantra, an ancient Indian collection of animal fables, for the modern day and further blurs the boundaries between what is real and what is imaginary. Karen Knorr was born in Germany, raised in Puerto Rico and educated in Paris and finally London, where she has resided since the 70s. Knorr's work examines femininity, the powers of historical heritage and animals in the human world. Her work is not only visually appealing, but goes beyond the superficial to question norms and mystify her audience. See below for more of India Song. which has been on touring in all over India and Europe.

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