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James Franco Stars and Directs in New Gucci Commercial

After a teaser trailer for the ad released last week, James Franco stars and directs in a new Gucci commercial. James has been modelling for Gucci as early as 2008 when he endorsed their men’s fragrance, but this time he's supporting their eye wear collection. Known for being extremely well rounded, it was only a matter of time before the –actor, director, producer, lecturer, and published writer made his debut as a commercial director. James has been in the news quite a bit recently. An Instagram scandal exposed him trying to meet with an underage girl (strikingly similar to a character he’s playing in an upcoming movie) and his public apology for it on Live with Kelly and Michael. Although this campaign isn't as scandalous, it is definitely worth the watch. The commercial is called “Techno Colour Sunglasses” and includes Italian model Natalia Bonifacci. Filmed in Los Angeles, the ad has a very retro glam Hollywood theme with fancy cars and many poolside shots. It shows the pair supporting different pairs of colourful Gucci sunglasses whilst engaging in a romantic chase for each other before they drive off in the sunset. Take a look for yourself!

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