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Issey Miyake S/S14, Paris Fashion Week

By Priya Kumar Under the hot Parisian sun Day 3 of Fashion Week served up light manifested as a collection at Issey Miyake's S/S14 show. Set at the Place Espace Ephemere Tuileries, the site of the infamous Nina Ricci show where protesters stormed the runway topless to draw attention to something not even worth mentioning here, the collection revolved around Wearing Light. "Cover yourself in the very light that illuminates the here-and-now, and walk toward the stars that shine in the inky black sky, toward the moon and its white luminescence, and toward the sun that creates vivid colours, just like a rainbow." The collection was divided into three sections: Starlight The show opened with Braun Tube Jazz Band and their experimental performance project. The art involved the use of cathode-ray tube television screens as musical instruments. When struck, an ethereal, resonating sound is emitted creating a unique musical experience. The first pieces of the collection were leather coats, jackets and skirts treated with a metallic film that reflects light. The leather was perforated using a punching technique to represent the night sky. photo Moonlight The recurring textile used in this part of the collection was grid knit paired with grid cotton and mesh tops. The silhouette produces was notably less structured then the starlight series evoking a warm summer's night-- not unlike the one we're sure to have here in Paris today. image_4 Sunlight Blue and red gradations graphics made sunlight the standout of the collection. Printed on mesh, the colouring representing sunrise and sunset. The pieces flowed with the movement of the body "like a short lived flow that peeps through the clouds". image_3

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