Brussels Under Attack

The Belgian capital was shaken this morning when two bombs exploded in the Zaventem airport and at a Metro Station in Brussels’ downtown core. With casualties currently estimated at 34 and more than 230 injured, the attacks have been confirmed as the work of ISIS. While these tragedies are perpetually shocking, Belgian forces have been expecting terroristic activities and have remained on high alert since the capture of Salah Abdeslam in a bloody raid last week. Suspected to be the mastermind behind the attacks in Paris in November of last year, Abdeslam was Europe’s most wanted criminal. Likely lead by Abdeslam’s followers (the same network responsible for the Paris attacks), the identities of the three attackers are still unknown, despite Belgian authorities' collaboration with international intelligence forces. In hopes of learning the identities of terrorists in Belgium and to ensure their capture, local authorities are currently planning and executing a number of raids across Brussels. While these raids are occurring in Brussels, similar actions are being taken in the city of Ankara. Recently the site of a very similar attack, the Turkish city saw 37 citizens killed and over 100 injured after a car bomb exploded less than ten days before the attacks struck in Belgium. Even more recently, Istanbul was the target of a smaller isolated attack, where a suicide bomber with ISIS affiliations killed 5. With so many similar attacks happening across the world, we can only hope the world-wide fight against ISIS is able to unite us, rather than further fracture the global community. By Lindsay Cooper

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