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Is a bra-less lifestyle in your future?

By: Zahra Syed Growing up in an era of modern science and accessibility of information, we are taught to listen to what our health professionals tell us. But what if you were told you to stop wearing a bra permanently?  For women wearing a bra it is a part of our overall health and well-being, it enables us to secure and strengthen our bodies, or so we’re told. Adriana Lima Launches Victoria's Secret's Showstopper Collection - NY A recent study conducted by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Besançon in France, reported that the female breasts gain no advantage from actually wearing a bra and being denied gravity. He examined over 130 women’s breasts over a span of 15-years in order to assess the effects of living without the support of a bra. His initial findings supported his research hypothesis that “the bra is a false need.” Through his study he was able to associate many health risks with women who wore bras such as; increased back pain, breathing problems and a decrease in the growth of supporting breast tissue. Contrary to popular belief, Rouillon stated that bras increased women’s chances of having ‘saggy’ breasts. Are bras therefore doing more harm than good? victorias_secret_bra Well according to Professor Rouillon it would be too late for many women to find out now. He concluded his research by stating that women who have been wearing bras since their breasts first began to develop, would not gain any benefits from discontinuing now, as their bodies have already become dependent on its support.

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