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Introducing Sephora’s One-Time Use Nail Polish

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a cosmetic aisle, staring at the vast array of nail polish? How are you to know which colour suits your personality and style? Sephora is introducing a new product that will allow their clients to experiment with different nail polish colours before committing themselves to one bottle. Introducing Sephora’s One-Time Use Nail Polish. web Presented in a set of twenty-four colours, Sephora’s new product samples from their 300-colour Formula X line. As self-explanatory as the title is, the concept is for clients to use the bottle once and then throw them away. Kristin Walcott, vice president and general manager for Formula X, stated that this new product will allow clients to preview and experiment with twenty-four of the best selling Formula X shades. These shades range from metallic to cream. Walcott asserted that the product underwent a fair amount of design. The client simply has to “pop off the top of the pod, roll the bush between your fingers and a dot of nail polish will form in the middle of brush. Apply it in the centre of the nail and brush.” On Sephora’s part, the new product is a great marketing strategy. It enables clients to experiment with the shades of Formula X before committing to a single bottle. It is also useful for clients on vacation. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or checking out the trendiest gallery, you are free to change your nail polish colour till your heart is content. The set will available at Sephora’s online stores late April and in-store early May for $39 a set.      

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