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Indian-Canadians say “Sorry” for Overshadowing Justin Bieber

Justin Biebers dancehall-inspired hit “Sorry” was one of the biggest songs of 2015, with the track having spent seven weeks at number one on the Canadian top 100 and the lyric video having amassed almost 200 million hits on Biebers vevo channel. Its success has been overshadowed by choreographer Shereen Ladha and producer J Raj Music. Titled “Maafi”, J Raj’s remix was inspired by his Indian-Canadian heritage, drawing from the country's diverse music traditions. In a similar vein, the accompanying dance (choreographed by Raj’s fellow Indian-Canadian, Ladha) takes viewers on a tour of India, with moves taken straight out of Bollywood films, traditional Bharatanatyam, as well as contemporary Indian hip-hop and bhangra music videos. Resonating with Indian audiences, the video has reached a wide audience via Bieber’s official vevo page with 1.1 billion views, eclipsing Bieber’s original upload. By Lindsay Cooper

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